Mind’s Key

The Mind's Key shows the best way to deal with one's thoughts: whether to engage or to cast aside. It can show the best way for said thoughts to manifest but this number also shows the dangers they can bring. This is especially true in terms of the ego. To calculate this number, simply add together the Life Path with the Mind number. In the case of [...]

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91 represents the seed planted into the ground for a new cycle. It is the understanding of the great force of vitality and creation from the womb of the all, and observing and [...]


In many ways, 90/9 indicates a sense of completion of the cycles before it. This completion contains a little bit of everything, which serves to become the seed for the next [...]


This number is about the best use of wisdom in the material realm. Vision of spiritual ideals often fill its sights, but applying these to the physical realm is one of its [...]


88/7 is a Master Number as they are known throughout much of Numerology. Don't let the name fool you: one does not become a self proclaimed master from simply having one of [...]


This is a number that seeks to love another, but has difficulty in doing so. It is determining the spiritual worth of a materialistic ambition, then adjusting the self for the [...]


The focuses of this number include a combination of service, responsibility, affection and philosophy. Past efforts made by others are shown for what they are, and uplifting [...]


This is a tough, hardworking number. It's stubbornness allows it to stick to a project until it is completed. It is fast paced and many things in their lives may come [...]

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It's been a few months since the last post. There are many things in the works behind the scenes as of this writing. Many have asked for personalized chart readings and this [...]


The 84 is a visionary and covers a lot of ground during its life. It is not always practical when it comes to doing what it wants to do however, but this does not stop it from [...]


This number is good at hammering out agreements between individuals, corporations or nations. It seeks to establish a common understanding between two parties. Its goal is to [...]