This is a number that goes through many obstacles but has the perseverance to overcome them. It is very kind and willing to help others. It has a very broad viewpoint. It is a survivor, and is able to go on no matter what burden is placed upon them. This is due to their excellent health, wide vision and compassion and understanding for others. People know they can trust you with responsibilities. Negatively, 36 weaves a web of lies. It becomes tempting for it to weave deceit wherever it goes, to its own detriment. It may suffer from emotional ups and downs. In some cases, this number can house geniuses, in the artistic fields or otherwise.



All of the artistic, emotional and mental numbers are here: 3, 6 + 9 in each position. This affords a very wide range of vision and a great understanding of humanity. Because of the wide scope of its understanding, it may understand groups of people easier than individuals which may be more superficial. That is the challenge that the -3 represents here. The feelings that this number expresses are for everyone and trying to express them on an individual by individual basis may be a bit of a problem. At the same time, this is something that may be genuinely desired, so learning how to express their real feelings will help them immensely. Also, when it struggles for a cause, it should not do so just because of social obligations or elevating their status in society. They have to be real about it.


You must learn how to be compassionate towards others while being true to yourself. Be thoughtful before you plunge into something, and do not let your emotions drive you into impulsive compassion. You must use discrimination and wisdom to see who needs to be helped and who does not. Philosophy can be of great benefit to you.

SELF 36/9

You drive headlong into a situation and are willing to bear the brunt for something you believe in. You may be involved in charities or social working, or perhaps one of the mental careers. Either way, you need to let your creativity shine through in your work.

HEART 36/9

You are willing to help your family and loved ones in all of their endeavors, sometimes to the point of sacrifice. You may have burdens to carry during your life but you have the determination to deal with them. You are also very creative, and should not ignore any latent talents apparent.

MIND 36/9

You have a huge, idealistic imagination that’s easy to get lost in. Watch out for your gullibility and remember that not everything is picture perfect in this world. You mind can produce amazing things if you set your heart to express them. Be careful not to lie to yourself on certain things.

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