25 is a number that cannot sit still. It needs adventure in order to quell its thirst for more knowledge. 25 relies on spiritual insights, faith and inner wisdom. It is only by understanding the self that one’s obstacles may be overcome. This is one of the reasons why 25 has a hard time expressing its emotions. As a result, in the negative state, they like to stir up trouble as a way of expressing their inner turmoil. The only solution is to quell the turmoil within themselves. But once they’ve found the truth, they can be very lively. This can be a warrior vibration, as it represents relationships in turmoil, water and fire mixed together. This number will also see much travel.



The cooperative two is focused on freedom and adventure. This builds a deeper understanding of life, which often times is like a journey. This number must learn how to control its demeanor. This is because of the -3, which indicates an inability to express themselves properly. As a result, the self expression associated for 25 is often either very controlled, or very jumpy and strange. The sensitive and emotional 2 and the active and adventurous 5 are vying for control, so a compromise between these two energies must be established. Both must be channeled properly in some way, and a more cool and calm manner can develop. This usually occurs after many experiences help build the personality. Negatively, 25 causes conflicts with others.


You must learn to find the reality behind the appearance. This is done through experiencing situations intuitively. Keep your temper in check and don’t blow up in front of your loved ones because of your blocked emotions. Learn how to channel your emotions positively. Remember to listen to your dreams, for they could very well be messages from your spirit.

SELF 25/7

You may be a lively and unpredictable character. You have a knack for attracting mystical experiences: learn to understand their meaning and gain a greater understanding of yourself.

HEART 25/7

A warrior may be found with the 25 in this position. The opposite is also true, and a spiritual mystic may manifest. It is important to keep yourself grounded in reality from one experience to the next. It is also important to channel your emotions effectively into an outlet. Otherwise, they may build up like a volcano and explode in the future.

MIND 25/7

Do not be too critical of others: everyone has their reason for acting the way they do. You like to keep yourself mentally stimulated, as stagnation only serves to bore you. Not all of life is a battle: remember to relax from time to time.

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