The self, seeking to further integrate itself establishes its identity in this new decade of numbers. With a newly built discipline, it tries to keep itself independent and afloat via will power and determination. It conjures a sense of authority on those people around it. This can lead to aggressiveness and even violence if it does not keep its integrity [...]

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80 is the first number of the 80's decade, and thus represents the studious 7 first stepping into the world of accountability, achievement, effort, respect and karma. It seeks [...]


The seeker of truth tested in power, a spiritualist called to serve the people in a capacity. Having learned the knowledge it sought in 78, the spiritual seeker now learns how [...]


The spiritual seeker testing its found power onto the material realm. This number is like testing one's spiritual power and having a higher power respond in like kind, showing [...]


77/5 is a Master Number as they are often called throughout Numerology. However, Master Numbers are often mistaken in understanding, with many thinking that by simply having [...]


Mind and emotions, the analytic and the family man. This can be a complex energy to deal with. It is fond of learning, although it doesn't always understand everything it [...]


The stable introspective 7 meets the restless and ever-changing 5. This is a number that does not have simple solutions, but must make a plan and stick to it to see the [...]


The mystical self meets the practical. The spiritual meets the mundane. Analysis meets structure. Both 7 and 4 are heavily focused on detailed work, albeit for different [...]


The mystical self focuses on expression and creativity, giving it a new sense of individuation and independence (1). This number is highly adept at writing and uses it to [...]


The spiritual self meets the energies of gestation, cooperation and interrelation. This can be a hectic number. One moves internally focused on itself and the other moves [...]


The spiritual self meets the number of independence, originality and ideas. In the positive, 71 is a independent number with a great sense of inner security. It is expanding [...]