The 84 is a visionary and covers a lot of ground during its life. It is not always practical when it comes to doing what it wants to do however, but this does not stop it from understanding how to get there. Growth and development is slow under this number, having to cover large territory and many details but eventually it reaches its destination. This [...]

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This number is good at hammering out agreements between individuals, corporations or nations. It seeks to establish a common understanding between two parties. Its goal is to [...]


The integrated self working with detail, which creates a new beginning or a sense of self reliance. It starts to relate to others after overcoming a period of establishing [...]


The self, seeking to further integrate itself establishes its identity in this new decade of numbers. With a newly built discipline, it tries to keep itself independent and [...]


80 is the first number of the 80's decade, and thus represents the studious 7 first stepping into the world of accountability, achievement, effort, respect and karma. It seeks [...]


The seeker of truth tested in power, a spiritualist called to serve the people in a capacity. Having learned the knowledge it sought in 78, the spiritual seeker now learns how [...]


The spiritual seeker testing its found power onto the material realm. This number is like testing one's spiritual power and having a higher power respond in like kind, showing [...]


77/5 is a Master Number as they are often called throughout Numerology. However, Master Numbers are often mistaken in understanding, with many thinking that by simply having [...]


Mind and emotions, the analytic and the family man. This can be a complex energy to deal with. It is fond of learning, although it doesn't always understand everything it [...]


The stable introspective 7 meets the restless and ever-changing 5. This is a number that does not have simple solutions, but must make a plan and stick to it to see the [...]


The mystical self meets the practical. The spiritual meets the mundane. Analysis meets structure. Both 7 and 4 are heavily focused on detailed work, albeit for different [...]